The Teen Dance Club Frauenfeld is organising the SWISS OPEN and the Swiss Dance Championships 2019 and was launched in 2006 as a new offer for young dancers. The TDC is one of the five largest dance clubs within the Swiss Dance Sport Association and has been one of the most successful medal collectors at Swiss championships for several years. In 2017, the TDC won five of six championship titles among students and juniors, the adult Latin pair Pitt-Alexander and Tiara Sophia Wibawa became second. In 2018 Tilo Wiese/Jale Zinser won two gold medals each in the juniors and Arjan Steurer/Aroa Martin won two gold medals each in the juveniles competitions, the Wibawa siblings won silver in the Latin adult categorie again.
With the WDSF Smiling Apple Open a few years ago a tradition of international dance tournaments was started. In 2016 the TDC celebrated its 10th anniversary by organizing the Swiss championships, and in 2018 the SWISS OPEN premiered. The TDC has also been hosting the regional Thurgau Dance Sport Championships for eight years.

Organizing Committee

President: Martin Zinser

Vice-President: Jochen Lehr

Finance: Andreas Breitenmoser

Construction / Logistics: Peter Bickel

Construction / Logistics: Beat Wyss

Gastronomy: Karin Schär

Gastronomy: Roland Schär

Personal: Karin Brändle

The organizer works closely together with the Swiss Dance Sport Association STSV on sports-related issues.


SWISS OPEN thanks its generous partners.


SWISS OPEN thanks its suppliers.