Teen Dance Club


The Teen Dance Club Frauenfeld organizes the SWISS OPEN. It was founded in 2006 by Carmen Huber as a new offer for young dancers. From a manageable group it has become a multi-layered, large club with about 100 members. On the one hand, the TDC is dedicated to Latin and standard dance sports, but also provides programs for amateur dancers.

Today the TDC is the third largest club within the Swiss Dance Sport Association STSV and proud to look after the largest junior group for at least two years. At the Swiss Championships 2017, the TDC won all six championship titles in the juvenile and junior categories for the first time. The most well-known TDC couple is Pitt-Alexander and Tiara Sophia Wibawa, who represented Switzerland at the World Cup and EM Latin Adults. A tradition of international dance sports tournaments was launched some years ago with the WDSF Smiling Apple Open. In 2016 TDC was also the organizer of the Swiss Dance Sport Championships.


President: Martin Zinser

Vice-President: Jochen Lehr

Finance: Robin Koch

Construction / Logistics: Peter Bickel

Construction / Logistics: Beat Wyss

Gastronomy: Karin Schär

Gastronomy: Roland Schär

Catering / VIP: Pascal Möller

Personal: Karin Brändle

The organizer works closely together with the Swiss Dance Sport Association STSV on sports-related issues.



At the SWISS OPEN, gastronomy leaves nothing to be desired. During the tournament days, we run our own restaurant in the location and offer various menus like warm dishes, snacks and cakes as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for fair prices. We pay high attention to a healthy, sport-friendly diet.

Guests with a VIP package will be welcomed from 6 pm with an aperitif and enjoy a fine three-course dinner from 7.30 pm from our caterer. The VIP packages are only available in limited numbers and must be booked via presale.


Die hier publizierten Downloads können in der Original-Version von Dritten verwendet und im Zusammenhang mit SWISS OPEN weiterverbreitet werden.