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SWISS OPEN offers almost 650 seats in three categories. All seats guarantee an unrestricted view of the dancefloor.

  • VIP tickets: all 20 tables directly at the dance floor - limited offer of 160 seats - numbered seat for the whole day - rate: check „VIP tickets“ below.
  • 1st category: all 10 tables in an elevated, second row - limited offer of 60 seats - numbered seat for the whole day - day ticket: CHF 50.-
  • 2nd category: over 400 seats on grandstand - free choice of seat, no guaranteed seat - day ticket adults: 40 francs, teenagers: CHF 20.-

Ticket holders of the 2nd category are allowed to use unoccupied VIP and 1st category seats until 6 p.m. as long as they are not occupied by the respective ticket holders.

Visitors up to the age of 16 enjoy free entry until 6 p.m.

VIP tickets - advance sale started


If you want to experience the dance couples of SWISS OPEN really close and also enjoy a fine three-course menu prepared by our caterer, we recommend an attractive VIP package. Welcome aperitif, plus a bottle of wine and mineral water per VIP table included. We offer the following reservation options:

  • „VIP - all together“: 8 seats at the VIP table for the price of CHF 1500.-
  • „VIP - front four“:4 front seats at the VIP table for the price of CHF 800.-
  • „VIP - back four“: 4 back seats at the VIP table for the price of CHF 600.-
  • „VIP - couple“: 2 seats at VIP place for the price of CHF 300.-

Reservations from March 1st please by e-mail to This order will be confirmed, any questions will be gladly answered.

Single VIP tickets can be ordered from june 1st if still available. By the end of August tickets and program will be sent to the VIP visitor.


1st/2nd category - advance sale from june 10th


The purchase of full day tickets for 1st and 2nd category for the SWISS OPEN 2018 in Frauenfeld start from June 10th. Please follow this Link

Afternoon and evening tickets can only be purchased at the box office on 8.9.2018.

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